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What, exactly, does membership at The Landing mean?


Becoming a member at The Landing means far more than just gaining a spot to park your laptop.

You become part of a vibrant community of local businesses and entrepreneurs succeeding together.

You gain access to leadership and marketplace training that can help you take your enterprise to the next level.

You get a key to a beautiful workplace, equipped with everything a modern business needs.

All at prices that just make sense, no matter what size your company is.

The heart and soul of Greenville

The landing is located in the heart of Greenville on the second floor of the recently renovated Historic Landmark building (Greenville Rotary Post Office) — a National Register of Historic Places landmark.

What’s included?

Training & Mentorship

Success accrues from forging and learning from successful human connections. Our community, experience and events can help accelerate your personal and professional growth.

Vibrant Community

Our membership is comprised of individuals at every stage of success in the Greenville business community. Enjoy productive connections and add your own contribution to the Landing community.

Modern Workspace

Elevate your work with the benefits of our modern workspaces. It’s all here. From calibrated lighting, to ergonomic desks, chairs, workstations, and offices, all with high speed wifi.

Support Services

Leverage our shared services to boost your productivity. These include conference facilities, phone and printing services, break room, lounge areas, gender-specific restrooms and more.

Refreshments & Recreation

Unlimited, free productivity fuel on site. Fresh coffee, an assortment of fresh, locally grown and produced fruits and snacks, and board and console games — to maintain body-mind energy all day.

Safety and Security

Security begins with our location in the renovated old post office in the heart of downtown Greenville, plus parking, key-only access, and premise-wide security system.

Hear it from our members…

The Landing is perfect for all my office needs. I look forward to the benefit of coworking with the other great folks there, and I plan to take advantage of all the training and mentoring opportunities available at The Landing.
Lauren Abeyta

The Landing will give my business professionalism and credibility with a business address, voice mail, and use of first class facilities like the conference room, the lounge, and the training room for large group meetings.
Rick Moraller

As a self employed small town entrepreneur, I am so excited about having consistent blazing fast internet with my dedicated desk at the Landing. The flexibility of The Landing also fits perfectly with my unpredictable schedule.
Brandon Barker

The Landing is perfect for my “few days per week” office needs –close, convenient, affordable, professional and comfortable. I look forward to opportunities for networking and collaboration, not to mention great coffee!
Priscilla Szalony

Explore The Landing community membership process.

The Landing Members recognize the value of working in an environment with like-minded individuals who take their work — but not themselves, seriously.
We respect and subscribe to this perspective as well. If this sound like you, we invite you to request an interview. Get to know us, and let us get to know you.

Have some questions?

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
No and Yes. Our members that sign up for a closed door office will need to commit for at least six months but all Hot Desk and Virtual members can cancel their memberships with 30 days notice.
Can I bring my pet to the office?
We love pets and have many animals at home but we don’t allow pets in the office. We might have a “bring your pet to The Landing” party in the future. More to come.
How do I become a member?
Just click this link on our website and sign up. All members are interviewed to make sure this is a good fit for them and us. Once approved you can fill out the form, pay the dues, and start coming to your new awesome work space.
Can I use the office at night and weekends?
All of our closed door office members have access to The Landing 24×7. HotDesk Fulltime members also have access 24×7 but there might be times that are not available after 5pm and weekends for trainings and scheduled sessions. HotDesk Part Time members have access M-F 8am-5pm.

Because we hope to schedule community and/or training on various nights and weekends, all hot desk memberships are 9-5, Monday – Friday. However, when no events are scheduled, full time members have 24/7 access.

Can I use the conference room whenever I want?
Because of the number of members, our conference room must be scheduled. Even if it is empty at the time, all members must schedule Conference Room use to prevent any overlap of use, as well as time to clean the room after it’s use. Which brings up another point, anyone using the conference room must ensure that the room is ready for the next use. This may mean not only collectin all personal items, but making sure all trash is picked up, and wiping down the conference table and any other furniture that was used.
Does The Landing recycle?
Yes we do. This means we will have recycling containers in every room. Theses will be for the convenience of our members that would like to participate. While it is not a requirement that everyone recycle, we simply ask that our members respect our efforts to do so. In other words, please dont throw your half eaten PB&J sandwich in the paper recycling bin.

In addition, we have stocked our kitchen with actual plates silverware, coffee cups and glasses. Again, our members are not required to use them, we simply have them there for anyone to use that chooses to do so. All we ask is that you clean, dry and put them away after use.

Enter your contact information and and we will follow-up to schedule an interview to join The Landing community.

Thank you! Please check email and confirm your subscription to The Landing Interview list.