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Please email to schedule a meeting to discuss membership options at The Landing — Greenville’s exclusive co-work space for serious entrepreneurs.

What’s it all about?

Community Support

Business success accrues from successful human connections. The Landing community provides access to Greenville area entrepreneurs who share common work ethic, values and spirit of service.

Connect & Collaborate

Come for our productive workspaces and environment; stay for the unexpected benefits of connecting and collaborating with like-minded entrepreneurs who work hard and smart.

Educate & Inspire

Our leadership development and mentoring programs provide opportunity to learn and grow personally and professionally, and our members inspire and encourage by example.

Here’s what our community members think

Gives my business professionalism and credibility

I have a small business and office from home, but have been looking for something like The Landing for some time now.

Joining The Landing will give my business the credibility I have been looking for with a business address, voice mail, conference room, the lounge, and the training room for large group meetings.

~ Rick Moraller

Everything that I have been looking for

The Landing cowork space in downtown Greenville has everything I have been looking for.

The perfect place to work a few days a week–close, convenient, affordable, professional and comfortable. I look forward to great opportunities for networking and collaboration, not to mention great coffee!

~ Priscilla Szalony

Consistent, blazing fast internet and flexibility

I am self employed and can work from anywhere, but internet speed is always an issue living in a small town!

I am so excited about having consistent blazing fast internet with my dedicated desk at The Landing. The flexibility of The Landing fits perfectly with my unpredictable schedule.

~ Brandon Barker

Historic Charm, and perfect for my office needs

The Landing is perfect for my office needs. I love the historic charm of the location in Greenville’s old downtown post office, combined with most up-to-date A/V equipment and seriously fast internet!

I look forward to coworking with the other great folks there, and I plan to take advantage of all the training and mentoring opportunities available at The Landing.

~ Lauren Abeyta

The Rules

Take Work Seriously

We recognize that work is an expenditure of precious and limited life energy — which is the ultimate currency. As such, we treat our work and the work of others with great respect and seek to achieve meaningful results with every effort.

Don't take Yourself Seriously

Members of The Landing take their work and the work of their community members seriously; but not themselves. This spirit of humility provides fuel for learning and building community — which we also take very seriously.

Help & share

As entrepreneurs, we are focused on meaningful results in our endeavors; but we also recognize that the best investment of life energy is in that which helps to lift others up. As Members of The Landing, our aim is to achieve both.

Acknowledge and Inspire Excellence

“Iron sharpens iron.” As entrepreneurs we recognize the truth of this statement. We are inspired daily by the work ethic and achievement of our fellow members .. and we seek likewise to inspire and encourage by example.

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