Attributes of a Co-Work Facility

A co-work facility is far more than just a cost effective way to rent affordable office space; co-working creates an environment that fosters entrepreneurship, personal development, and exciting business ideas.

At The Landing, we pride ourselves in providing not only the best co-working space and virtual office service in Greenville, Texas, but also a place where business ideas can be nurtured and businesses can flourish. The unique collaborative co-working environment of The Landing provides a workspace where independent workers, entrepreneurs and small business can thrive and benefit from peer support and business mentoring.

We believe that shared office space can be so much more than a desk and chair to sit at. We believe that co-working is the new way of working in the modern digital world. Here’s what we believe it takes to turn shared office facilities into a high-performance co-work facility.


A co-work facility needs to offer flexible terms and options to be able to meet the dynamic needs of the modern entrepreneur.  We understand that any business will have its peaks and troughs, so all our office rent agreements are short term, flexible agreements. You can start with a simple virtual office arrangement and move up to co-working office space whenever you are ready. We also have a number of private office spaces available should you need them.

Comfortable, Professional Environment

All the office facilities at The Landing are finished to the highest specifications. They provide a comfortable and vibrant business location to work in, whether you need a desk for the day or a hot desk facility for a few hours a month. Not only can you have a permanent business telephone number and mailing address, you also have easy access to local bars and restaurants, and beverages and snacks are provided to keep you on top form throughout the day.

distraction freeDistraction-Free Office Space

Co-working office space at The Landing is equipped with everything the modern business needs. Renting space at The Landing gives you access to a business-like professional environment in which you can concentrate and be productive. Here, at The Landing, you are totally free from the distractions you might get at home or in a coffee house. Joining The Landing is much more than renting shared office space in downtown Greenville, TX. Instead, it is membership of an exclusive business community.

State-of-the-art Facilities

A Super-fast, reliable internet connection is must for any business today. So is access to high quality printing facilities for when you need to produce hard copies of business proposals, quotations or reports. All of this, plus a fully equipped conference room and unlimited fresh, free beverages and snacks, are all available to you when you rent co-working hot desk space at The Landing.

Access to Top Quality Business Mentoring and Training

The business world is changing faster than most people realize. The best co-work facilities offer business training and education programs alongside their office space for rent services. Membership of the Landing gives you access to a whole range of regular business training events and lectures given by some of the top business educators and personal development experts.

Membership of a Thriving Local Business Community

One of the major benefits that you gain from joining a co-work facility is that you get to work side-by-side with like-minded business people. That provides you with an excellent opportunity to learn from your peers and benefit from their support.

The Landing’s co-work facility in downtown Greenville, TX is the home to some of the most dynamic entrepreneurs and small businesses in Greenville, Texas, and it provides the perfect environment for ambitious independent workers. Whether you need a virtual office, a dedicated office, or co-working office space in a superb location in the heart of Greenville, TX, get in touch with The Landing today and find out how you can become a member of the fastest growing business community in the region.

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