The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that there are approximately 65 million Americans who work independently in roles such as freelancers, entrepreneurs, independent contractors and in start-up businesses. Many of those people face the decision of whether to work at home, base themselves in a coffee shop, rent private office space, or make use of shared office space provided by a co-working office.

The amount of time that small businesses and independent workers would spend at a desk doesn’t always justify the high fixed cost of renting dedicated office space. However working at home or working out of a coffee shop has its own problems too. That’s why there has been a huge upsurge in the popularity of collaborative workplaces, like the co-working office space in Greenville, Texas provided by The Landing.

The combination of serviced office, virtual office, hot desk office, and business mentoring services offered at The Landing, Greenville, TX provides an entrepreneurial environment that is both practical and inspiring. Here are just some of the reasons why so many independent workers, entrepreneurs and small businesses prefer to rent office space from co-working space facilities like The Landing  rather than renting a dedicated office, or working from home or in a coffee shop.

Cost Effectiveness

Office space for startups and independent entrepreneurs is a costly fixed burden for a small or fledgling business to bear. The long-term rent agreements that are usually required for dedicated office space are difficult to justify when the office may often be unoccupied. Co-working office space is more cost effective and far more flexible than a dedicated office space. It is much more suited to the needs and the finances of an independent worker or a small, growing business.

Fewer Distractions

While working at home or in a coffee shop does have its attractions, there are many distractions at both of these locations that are not conducive to a professional working environment. Workers are subject to loud conversations in coffee shops, or find themselves tempted by the TV at home. Even the most self-disciplined of people can find it hard to ignore the distractions when they are not working in the professional environment of an office.

mentoring Mentoring and Peer Support

The Landing’s co-working office Greenville, Texas offers the perfect environment for peer support and business mentoring.  As anyone who has ever worked from home will know, one of the big drawbacks of working in total isolation from co-workers is not being able to run ideas past like-minded people, or ask for advice when you need it. Co-work offices provide a collaborative office space that fosters peer mentoring and support that completely removes that feeling of isolation. Members of The Landing also have access to a wide range of business and personal development lectures by leading business leaders and credentialed business educators.

Business Credibility

Small business, startups and independent workers are often competing with much larger, more established business, so business credibility is an important consideration when deciding on where to work from. The executive office suites, virtual offices, co-working spaces, and meeting rooms available at The Landing provide members with a credible business location, excellent business facilities, and a professional business address. Even making an important business telephone call is made easier in a co-working situation, because the background noise an important customer will hear is that of an office, not the coffee grinder, or the dog or kids playing in the house.

Flexible Facilities

Co-working spaces at The Landing also provide members with access to high speed internet access, business telephone answering services, conference facilities and meeting rooms, a professional business address, and other office amenities, all available on flexible terms.

The Landing offers co-working spaces, virtual offices and dedicated office space in the heart of Greenville, Texas at flexible, competitive rates, and there’s even coffee and refreshments available all day too. If you are weighing the pros and cons of office space in Greenville, TX, come and take a look at The Landing and find out why so many successful small business and independent entrepreneurs are choosing a co-working office space over working at home or in a coffee shop.

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